1-¼” Top-Line Vinyl 2 Edge Turned “Pinpoint” Binding Oxford White

  • Item Number: 125571
  • Manufacturer: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A
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1-¼” 1 edge turned “Top-LIne” vinyl marine binding is made from high quality UV and mildew treated drill backed coated vinyl. It is folded and bonded on one side leaving one side with a raw edge. The raw edge can then be turned under and sewn down. The binding is cut on the bias and is electronically sealed so that seam do not separate and it is flexible so it turns sharp corners easily. Perfect for carpeting and areas where a binder attachment is not being used.

Fabric: Drill Backed Coated Vinyl Cut: Bias Edges Turned: 1 Put Up: 100 yd. Width:1 ¼”

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