Jeremy Hirsch

January 17, 2019 | Posted by: |

303® Products From Manart-Hirsch Companies

Manart-Hirsch Companies stock a complete line of 303® Marine products. 303® offers some of the highest quality products including Fabric Guard, Marine Multi-Surface Cleaner, UV Aerospace Protectant and now Mold & Mildew Cleaner + Blocker. Available by the individual bottle for resale or by the gallon for commercial use, Manart-Hirsch has everything to get the job done right!

January 11, 2019 | Posted by: |

Marine Grade Suction Cups From Manart-Hirsch Companies

Marine grade suction cups from Manart-Hirsch Companies work great as hold-downs on boat covers without the need of any extra hardware. Our suction cups are available in two sizes, small (2 ⅜” at rest and 2 ½” in use) or large (3 ¼” at rest and 3 ⅜“ in use). Our larger cups have top and side holes allowing you to insert either our #8 solid braided ¼” nylon rope or a dowel/rod, while our smaller cups have a side hole that accepts our #4 solid braided ⅛” nylon cord.